All about T-REX 

Born in the year 1981…

At the time of writing – a Level 38 Gamer, Husband, Father, Artist and Geek.

Full time Retail Manager, Part time Jedi. Not quite on par with Gandhi for wisdom but probably Sir Patrick Stewart at the very least and maybe chuck in some of that swamp bastard Yoda for good measure.

Long time Mental Health sufferer. Everyday is like playing on hard mode where it’s a battle but also a victory. My life is literally Dark Souls where everyday is a lit bonfire with just one Estus flask in tow.

I am one of the smaller folk at 5’2”, short arms (hence T-Rex) but compensated by having a large brain and spectacular personality.

Hailing from Norfolk in the flatlands of East Anglia- No I am not a farmer and yes I have the correct amount of fingers and toes (for inbreeding please don’t confuse Norfolk for Suffolk). 

I dabble in Art, mainly drawing, painting and caricatures but having the time is always an issue.  

I am a Gamer, a Movie/TV, Music, Book Lover of most genres although Sci-fi is probably my outright favourite. You name it and I have probably seen it, read it or if it’s a game it will probably be in my backlog.

I am a shy, sensitive, open minded, loyal, decent sort of bloke in a loud, broken, outspoken world. 

In the words of my two late great idols:

“When life leaves us blind, Love keeps up kind” – Chester Bennington

“I may be stupid but if it helps people to forget the grimness of life then I’m happy”- Rik Mayall

My opinions are my own, I always encourage others to forge their own opinion but not to force it upon others and especially in a confrontational way. Opinions are not fact, just because you dislike something it doesn’t mean others would. I have a varied sense of humour which can be seen as controversial and borderline but no offence is ever intended as the world needs humour and laughter.

Expect humorous, brutal, honest and quite emotional pieces from me and all of my stuff will be based on personal life experience. I hate people who use big words just to make themselves look perspicacious.

Skills, Attributes, General Info: 

  • Gollum impressions
  • Ability to Assign Nicknames
  • Professional Facepalmer
  • Recommended by 4 out of 5 people who recommend things
  • Funniest person in the world according to my wife.
  • Comfiest lap in the world according to my Cat Axel.
  • Best Daddy in the world according to my two daughters.
  • Best Man for The Gibbons Wedding 
  • Social Distance expert before it was a ‘thing’
  • Employee of the Year 2008….and every year since and prior although only in 2008 was this a thing at work
  • I do actually have ‘moves like Jagger’
  • Aggressive playstyle gamer….just say no to Stealth
  • Leader of own cult (apply within)
  • Coffee & Chocolate Connoisseur 

Consoles/Platforms I’ve owned:

Current: PS4 & XBox One S & PS3 (occasionally)

PS2, PS1, PS Vita, Wii, 3ds, 2ds, Sega Mega Drive, Sega Master System, 3DO, NES, N64, Atari 2600, ZX  Spectrum 128k & 81K, Commodore 64 & Commodore 16

Remember in a world where there’s so many freaks and not enough circuses… be excellent to each other especially yourself. May the force be with you….always.

I hope you enjoy my upcoming content and thank you for supporting (or thinking of) supporting Stasis Geek.

Much Love T-Rex (Lloyd)

You can follow me on:

Twitter: @Axel_Cush1605  / Instagram: cush1605

All about THE GIBBON

The Gibbon, formerly known as Dave, Soft Touch and Bieber Fringe.

Gamer, Sleeper, Arse Sitter, Half-Assed worker in the always rewarding retail sector (awaiting my Platinum trophy), fairly good husband to a lunatic who I probably don’t deserve, and adoptive father to my crazy Khajit companion who keeps my lap warm, and my nethers clawed.

I can be a difficult person to know well, I’m a somewhat closed book (still sealed to some people), but even I can not hide my deep love of games, movies, TV shows and music. What started as a need to be entertained in my childhood (first console was a Sega Mega Drive, first movie was The Power Rangers movie- both early 90s gems) has now developed into a sort of necessity, I am incapable of living without one of the above playing a big part. They have brought me escapism when I have needed it most, but also brought me closer to important people, and I will be forever thankful to them for helping me navigate some rough waters.

Hopefully my passion and admiration will shine through in my future pieces, and you will learn more about me, and my many, many opinions on pretty much everything. I very much welcome everyones opinion, as long as they are presented in a non confrontational way-far too often do I unfortunately read such toxic comments on social media, people just being darn right dicks, just because they have different tastes and thoughts. Please do not be like these people, be good people, or else I shall come at you with my sarcastic and passive aggressive digits-us gamers need to be on the same respectful page.


  • Games – Skyrim, Final Fantasy 9, Fallout 3, Journey, Stardew Valley
  • Movies- Ghostbusters, Princess Bride, Hot Fuzz, The Prestige (and most Nolan)
  • Shows- Breaking Bad, GoT, IT Crowd, Taskmaster, Lost, That 70’s Show
  • Music- Muse, Biffy Clyro, Linkin Park, Audioslave, Dear Esther OST, All Final Fantasy OSTs

Stats (out of 10):

  • Strength – 4
  • Speed – 3  (9 when leaving work)
  • Intelligence – 8 (1 when doing video game puzzles)
  • Dexterity – 5 (1 when 1-on-1 with the ‘keeper)
  • Luck – 1 (0 before I got married)

Special Skills:

  • Extreme sarcasm and wit to make a situation way worse
  • Losing whole days to ‘just more side quest’
  • Endangering my wife’s retinas due to excessive eye-rolling
  • Using more quotes from Hot Fuzz than  regular sentences 
  • Making random lists of things, thinking they are funny…

Hope you enjoy my upcoming content.

The Gibbon (Andrew)

You can follow me on:

Twitter: @andrew_mcgeena /   Instagram: andrew_mcgeena


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