(Not So) Silent but Deadly – My Stealth Struggle

As a lifelong gamer there is one style of play which I have always struggled in…Stealth.  First and foremost I am a very patient person but in gaming terms- not so much. I am the reckless, aggressive all out attack type of player who thrives in close quarter combat. 

The frustrating thing is that stealth gameplay can add so much more to a game and can be used extremely well in some games even those where it is just a small fragment of the game. Games focusing purely on stealth gameplay or are well renown for stealth like the Hitman series, Metal Gear Solid, Dishonoured and Tenchu to name just a few all seem really enjoyable but for some reason I simply can not adapt my playstyle to enjoy them and end up missing out on some potential great gaming experiences. Being completely honest I am probably one of very few people to ever not play The Last of Us…purely because the stealth element puts me off.

I am not a complete stealth virgin, I have tried various bits and pieces and I have dipped my toes in the odd stealth title but as memory serves just like back in the day of PS1s Metal Gear Solid, my cousin ended up playing majority of the game with minimal ‘passing the pad’ as I just sucked at it. 

I enjoy the Farcry series and have played the odd Assassin’s Creed title and what usually separates these from the rest is that stealth is usually an optional choice and it does not matter if you decide to take the ‘detected route’ to complete the objective. I have the opinion that ‘no one will notice the pile of corpses …if there is no one left to notice them’. 

I am ok with some games which have very small nuggets of stealth gameplay like Marvel’s Spider-Man (2016) but it would take me numerous attempts and accompanying swear words! Personally I feel that sometimes these mini forced stealth parts can interrupt the flow and pacing of the game…why do i need to sneak and hide, move a little further,  rinse and repeat? Just let me twat them with any weapon I have.

For me there is nothing more frustrating or down right annoying than making your way around a forced ‘stealth induced’ area only to be spotted at the very last part and a mission failed screen flashes before your eyes like it’s literally like the game is sticking its fingers up at you… “ Ha Ha you twat…no go back to the start and do it all again so I can mock you”! Dont even get me started on those forced stealth follow quests- the stupid quest chucked in many games where you have to literally follow or escort a npc without being seen. To me these following quests are just plain tedious and as pointless as a bald man needing a comb.

I do not need bushes, tall grass, rocks or tables to hide behind and wow where to even start on stealth game logic.. “ I hear footsteps…must be an intruder”, couldn’t possibly be the other 8 guards around you? “Oo someone has thrown a rock” or “Oh shit a dead guard”, develop amnesia and 10 seconds later they’ll walk off?? Seriously though.

When I watch other gamers study and learn enemy route patterns and strategically move around areas undetected  it is so satisfying. Why can I not do this? For me Stealth games require certain skills, that of patience and strategy- both of which I obviously tend to severely lack when playing games. 

For all you stealthy lovers out there…I am full of admiration. T-Rex tips his hat to you (well I would if my tiny arms could reach). It’s such a beautiful thing to behold when I see how I see you’ve studied, planned and executed your plan effortlessly and it can be a true art form when done correctly. 

What are your thoughts on forced stealth in games? Are there enough true pure stealth games out there?  Do you share my struggles? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Once again thank you for the support of Stasis Geek, be excellent to each other, stay safe and I’ll be back soon with another piece.  

Stay Geeky and Much Love, T-Rex

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