Back in January 2020 the idea of creating a blog for all things geeky was conceived. I asked The Gibbon if he would like to join forces, combine ideas and create something special. We agreed on the name ‘Stasis Geek’ (a play of words in honour of one of our favourite shows Red Dwarf) but our creation was then delayed due to the whole world going nuts; human sacrifice, cats and dogs living together…mass hysteria.

The aim is to post blogs, articles, thoughts, videos based on our shared love of gaming and other media such as Film, Books and Music. This is all completely new to us but we do hope you enjoy our tales, experiences and thoughts. 

We are T-Rex (Lloyd) & The Gibbon (Andrew), our names come from the fact that Lloyd has little arms and is on the verge of extinction whereas Andrew has long arms likened to that of a gibbon and the fact he also enjoys throwing his faeces at people (although a lot tamer now compared to his younger days). 

We are life long best friends and we share pretty much the same passions for everything. We are gamers (current gen and retro), we are movie fans, we are readers but above all we are Geeks.

Opinions are our own, we are not sheep and although our humour is an acquired taste we mean no offence. In our individual pieces you can expect some brutally honest, emotional pieces with a dash of dark humour from T-Rex and witty, dry, sarcastic humour from the Gibbon. Some humour may offend but it is not our intention.

As we are new to this, we do hope you enjoy our journey as we continue to grow and along the way we can hopefully make something beautiful. 

The first few posts will be our mini bio’s so keep a lookout. 

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy our content and stay geeky!

T-Rex & The Gibbon



  1. Very good Mr Rex, looking forward to seeing what you and the Gibbon come up with.
    “Smoke me a kipper i’ll be home for breakfast”


    1. “‘Mr Arnold’ isn’t his name. His name’s Rimmer, or ‘smeghead’, or ‘dinosaur-breath’, or ‘molecule-mind’, or on rare occasions when you want to be really mega-polite to him – and we’re talking mega polite here – on those exceptional circumstances you can call him ‘a**ehole’.”


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