A T-Rex Retrospect November 2020-March 2021

Hi Guys T-Rex here, just a little post here looking back over the last four months which covers my inactivity. The last post I did for Stasis Geek was back in October about Trophies and Achievements so a new post from me is as rare as actually being able to buy a PS5!

I will be completely honest, the last four months have been shit! Well firstly Covid is still about and every single person must be sick and tired of this pandemic by now. A year on and we still ball deep in face coverings, distancing, rules and sanitizers. Secondly, my health hasn’t also been great which I’m not going to bore you with today. Thirdly, work has been a relentless and draining factor since the emergence of Covid-19 back in March 2020 (I’m in the UK). I mean my job has always been tiring, stressful and hard work but this last year has really taken its toll. Being a father to two amazing girls (one is 6 and other is 2 years old) I had to juggle care and homeschooling with work along with the wife…I felt and still feel burnt out! We have very little time as a family- when she was working, I was homeschooling – she would come home and take over and then I’d go to work and vice versa, so fitting in any time for self indulgence was near impossible.

What I am trying to say is…this Dinosaur ain’t extinct and I’m here and going forward I am hoping to allow myself more time to create content. Myself and The Gibbon will hopefully be able to grow Stasis Geek in the coming months….it would actually be good just to hang out with my partner in crime as we haven’t even been able to do that in the past year!

Enough of that, here is a light take on the very few things I have played, read and watched over the last few months:


You Died! The Dark Souls Companion by Keza Macdonald & Jason Kilimgsworth.

A fascinating read for all Dark Soul fans. It is well written and takes the form of a series of essays, alternating between personal experiences, lore and exploration. The writers give accounts of their experiences and the impact the game had on them as both players and as a gaming community. Would definitely recommend it.

Asterix Omnibus Book 1

It’s unlikely you know but I’ve always been a massive fan of Asterix and Obelix, back in my youth I’d spend hours upon hours reading all the books I could get my hands on. My local library had a regular visitor and I would hire as many as possible just to read cover to cover. It is so good reading these now in the omnibus form. Book One contains the stories: Asterix the Gaul, Asterix and The Golden Sickle and Asterix and the Goths. These are beautifully presented in these omnibus forms and just a funny read and to take a trip down memory lane. Luckily I have got Books 2 and 3 as well so i’m savouring every minute.


God of War (2018)

In November I finally finished this great game! I am not a massive fan of the previous God of War games but enjoyed them (I also have the Platinum on God of War 3 on PS3). As usual I was fashionably late to the party with this and I finally understood some of the hype surrounding the game. Great cast, strong story, jaw dropping setpieces and tied together with some pleasing combat. Worth a play just to hear Christopher Judges voice booming ‘BOY’ every five minutes….and I grinned like a cheshire cat when I heard him say ‘Indeed’ (SG1 reference). One of the Playstation games that deserves its acclaim and plaudits and it definitely should be experienced by as many gamers as possible. Bring on Ragnarok!!

Destroy all Humans! (2020)

In December I played this for a while. I had only played the older titles briefly back in the PS2 days but it was fun although I found it got a tad repetitive the more I played. Solid remake/reboot with modern looks and feel, worth a play and may be something I come back to one day.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Definitive Edition)

In January into February- something that blew The Gibbons Tits off….I finally played (and stuck with) his favourite game of all time! I really ‘got into’ Skyrim this time around (two previous failed attempts with gameplay totalling 3 hours). I slowly got addicted to the skyrim charm and I played it for around 60 hours. This is definitely something I will return to soon (much to The Gibbons delight) so I can finish the remaining Thieves Guild questline and a few miscellaneous bits and pieces. I finally understood why Skyrim is regarded as one of the best games ever made and how it holds a special place for many gamers around the world.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (Revisit)

In March I returned to it. If you have read my very first full article on Stasis Geek you would know all about my connection to Monster Hunter World. Platinum Trophy in World, hundreds of hours already ploughed into was inevitable I would return. Once again I had that urge again and I just picked up where I had left off…Iceborne end game grind. I had two new monsters to check out- Alatreon and Fatalis which was great to experience. I continued chugging away at Crown hunting, treasure hunting, rare pets and lynian research whilst praying to the RNG gods. One day I will hopefully be able to achieve the Iceborne Platinum and get that oh so sweet double whammy platinum pair.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 (Current)

Late March time I delved into my physical backlog and remembered I had this beauty. I loved the original Tom Clancy’s The Division back in the day and I’d forgotten I even had this. The original was something myself and The Gibbon Co-op’d a lot and resulted in many hilarious sessions. So far with what I have played I am thoroughly enjoying The Division 2 and straight away I could spot its improvements on the original. I created a Clan ‘The Pinnacle’ and even the Gibbon has now purchased it so we continue our hilarious co-op journey. I also made friends with a fellow gamer friend ‘rsainsbury’ who seems like a genuinely great guy and we’ve played many successful co-op missions together so far…Long live The Pinnacle! My next Stasis Geek article will be looking at my time withThe Division 2 in more depth so watch this space!


I have watched numerous movies and a few TV shows over the last few months and mostly forgettable but one of the most recent movies is:

Zack Synders Justice League Cut

Well what is there to say to other than ‘Wow’…that’s what you call a superhero movie. First and foremost I love both Marvel and DC..I have even enjoyed all DC movies so far even with their reputations but this new cut elevates the movie to another tier. I could write pages and pages of analysis on its differences and improvements but I am not going to….just simply watch it!

I also acquired a Nintendo Switch, well we bought our daughter one for Christmas. I haven’t really played it much yet but no doubt sooner or later Monster Hunter Rise will be played that’s for sure.

Feel free to Add me on PSN: Axel_1605 but please write Stasis Geek on your message invite as I’ve been getting so many random ones recently,

So that’s a very small take on what I have been doing. Myself and The Gibbon are really hoping to grow Stasis Geek this year and hopefully with light at the end of the tunnel the pandemic may soon be over. We have lots of ideas for content which is very exciting and even having the ability to see each other in person would help achieve this,

Once again thank you for the support of Stasis Geek last year, be excellent to each other, stay safe and I’ll be back soon with another piece.

*You cant see this your end but my tiny dinosaur arm is waving at you*

Stay Geeky and Much Love, T-Rex

Thank you for reading, please see other articles on Stasis Geek by myself and The Gibbon, we thank you for your support. Should you wish to make a donation to support myself and site then please visit: Thank you


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